The Wine List

Only Greek Wines!

Our list includes only wines from Greek vineyards, both indigenous, century-old Greek wine grapes and international varieties, grown on Greek terroirs by the country’s most prestigious winemakers. Our wines complement the restaurant’s culinary journey from Crete to Cyclades, the Peloponnese and Northern Greece, offering guests a glimpse of each geographic region, along with the climate and the soil which form its’ winemaking identity.

Santorini vineyards represent few of the very rare and unique vines in the world, some of them tracing back to 400 year old roots. Due to the special nature of their soil, pumice stone and volcanic earth, the ungrafted vines remain unspoiled and intact from the phylloxera catastrophe of the 20th century.

The Athenian House currently owns one of the largest vintage collections of Santorini wines, with rare bottles of assyrtiko, nychteri, aidani & mavrotragano from the most renown wineries on the island. Mineral, complex white wines mingle with dry, dense reds from scorched Santorini volcanic earth.

Whether you try our flight journeys through Greece or experiment on a rare vintage Santorini bottle, we wish you an unforgettable wine tasting experience!

Wine lovers


Panos Zouboulis
Our Oenologist

Born in Athens, Zouboulis is one of the first oenologists of his generation, he studied food technology in Athens and then pursued his studies in oenology at the University of Bordeaux, while he later worked at several châteaux in France. With almost forty years of experience and presence in the field of wine and counseling wines in Greece and abroad, Zouboulis is a specialist in organic and biodynamic cultivation of vines and olives. His true passion lies in rare and unique vines in the world, which remain unspoiled and intact from the phylloxera catastrophe.

A true pioneer and perfectionist, he works today as a Consultant Oenologist in Greece and Argentina, while many of his creations have received major distinctions.

Panos Zouboulis
Our Oenologist