Culinary Tradition

For its opening year in 2016, The Athenian House partnership with Dimitris Skarmoutsos laid the foundation stone for a long-term success in Santorini’s gastronomic scene. Guests indulged in traditional Greek recipes, redefined through the rediscovery of local seasonal ingredients, the fusion of international trends and the inclusion of new cooking technologies, in favor of zero waste and sustainability.

Following 9 years of numerous accolades for our restaurant and amazing partnerships with a few of the most innovative chefs in Greek history, we are proud to announce the return of our dear friend Dimitris, back in the minuscule “cave-spilia”, as he accurately describes our kitchen. Dimitris Skarmoutsos continues to redefine fine dining cuisine, emphasizing the importance of the raw materials of each geographic region, thus opting for the return to our roots and celebrating the essence of comfort food.

We can’t wait to venture together into another amazing gastronomic experience into Season 2024!

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Dimitris Skarmoutsos
Our Executive Chef

Initially trained in the United States, under the grand master Thomas Keller in the Napa Valley, Dimitris Skarmoutsos has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable figures in Greece’s culinary world and the country’s restaurant scene over the past three decades. Leading the Judge Committee in the first MasterChef Tv Show in Greece, where he reappeared for 4 years, earned him his popularity with the Greek public and sealed his success as a star chef. 

Skarmoutsos initially studied economics in UCLA, then in the Culinary Institute of America, while he spent the first years of his profession as a cook in the United States. He then studied French and Japanese cuisine, the latter still one of his favorites, while traveling and living abroad all over the world, merging numerous culinary cultures. Upon his return to Greece, his first success in Crete, relied on his creativity to reinvent traditional mediterranean recipes with local greens, farm meats and Aegean seafood. 

Through his unorthodox image, his numerous body tattoos and his progressive styling, Dimitris Skarmoutsos inspired an entire generation of cooks. As dozens of young chefs followed his path, his unconventional character along with his warm heart and his gift for communication, earned him the acclaim and respect he cherishes amongst all generations, different age groups and social classes. 

Aged 53 today, he prefers to proclaim himself “more a cook, than a chef”, although he has earned a position in the hall of fame, along with the most influential celebrity Greek chefs of the 21st century. True workaholic, cook, chef, businessman and TV celebrity, Skarmoutsos is currently co-owner of the largest most esteemed catering business in Greece, through which he is also responsible for at least 7 restaurants, including the best city museum establishments and the famous 2-Michelin Delta in Athens.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos
Our Executive Chef