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The Athenian House awarded at World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2018 with 3 prizes: Global Winner for Best Greek Cuisine, Continent Winner for Most Romantic Atmosphere in Europe and Country Winner for Best Luxury Scenic Setting in Greece

The Athenian House aims to revive the richness of the Athenian gastronomy, restoring Greek cuisine to its original Mediterranean values, based more on olive oil, vegetables, fine foods and regional ingredients sourced all around Greece. The restaurant uses new cooking technologies to transform traditional Greek dishes into gourmet creations with a modern twist. Dining becomes a memorable gastronomical journey throughout different regions of Greece, within the vintage aesthetics of white pure porcelain, Victorian silver cutlery and sparkling crystals.

The famous Greek soldier called “Evzon” or “Tsolias”, dating back to the Greek revolution of 1821, previously represented the royal guards, while today he remains the official guard of the Greek parliament. During Greek history the "tsolias" is an everlasting symbol of bravery and resistance. It is the soul of this soldier, combined with the beauty of his folklore original dressing, which inspires the Athenian House concept.

the athenian house