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At the Athenian house, tradition is always the inspiration behind each recipe, aiming to create modern and refined dishes based on Greek culinary traditions, with local ingredients from different parts of our country. Seasonal selected vegetables transcend the volcanic taste of earth or the breezy air of the sea, extra virgin olive oil and citrus flavors blend mediterranean aromas and herbs, while fresh seafood offers a dive in the aegean culture. Along with old time favorites such as our famous moussaka or our decadent baklava, our menu is complemented every year with new dishes where the country’s past meets the present, through new age technologies and fusion influences.



The Athenian House wine list focuses on awarded Greek wines, including the best labels of local and international varieties from insular, continental & northern Greece. Selected wine flights offer an amazing wine tasting experience for those who cherish an exclusive wine tour around the country. The restaurant currently owns one of the largest vintage collections of Santorini wines, with rare bottles of assyrtico, aidani or mavrotragano from the most renown wineries on the island. Santorini wines prevail, as local vines represent few of the very rare and unique in the world, which due to the special nature of the island’s soil, pumice stone and volcanic earth, remain unspoiled and intact from the phylloxera catastrophe of the 20th century. 



The Athenian House signature cocktails are inspired by exquisite Greek spirits, such as tsipouro or ouzo. World favorite cocktails are transformed with a local twist, a refreshing mojito with Dry Mastiha or a tropical martini with Vinsanto. The cocktail list is complemented by an exclusive selection of aged top quality spirits from around the world, along with local rare finds such as rum distilled in Panama & Barbados, then aged in Vinsanto barrels in Santorini or prickly pear distilled from the island’s local cactus plant. Our sunset cocktail culture blends the island's cosmopolitan nature with a nostalgic touch of old Athens. 

Our restaurant is now open for Season 2021.

Our team is working hard to ensure all hygiene protocols according to HACCP and EODY (Greek Government Health Organisation) regulations are implemented in the most accurate and consistent manner, to ensure our employees‘ and our customers‘ safety.
New Qr menus and printed disposable menus, designated hand sanitizer points, mask & glove disposal stations, UV desinfection lamps and daily temperature documentation of our staff are only a few of the measures included in The Athenian House Covid 19 Manual.

Stay safe and healthy!

Terms And Conditions

  • The Restaurant operates from April 1st to October 31st only for the summer season, 7 days a week, from 18:00 to 12:00. The kitchen closes at 10:30 (last order).
  • We accept reservations any time in advance via internet using the above form, only upon prepayment guarantee, or via phone at +30698 1464430 only last minute 24 h before the booking date, upon availability.
  • Our reservation line is open everyday from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm. During working hours of the restaurant, lines are still open but mostly available for last minute reservations.
  • All reservations will be held for 15 minutes, before being released to walk-ins or other diners. Kindly consult the video in this website for the best route to reach our restaurant.
  • Except booking for private parties, any reservation of tables on our outdoor terraces or our interiors is subject to the seating arrangement of the date of the dinner. Due to high demand, special table requests are noted, on first-come first-serve basis, from the booking to the arrival time.
  • For groups up to 6 people, prepayment is refundable only upon cancellation by email at least 48 hours before the time of the booking. For groups larger than 7 people, prepayment is refundable only upon cancellation by email at least one week before. For private parties, prepayment is refundable only upon cancellation by email at least two weeks before.
  • Refunds 100% are eligible only if cancellation takes place within specified time, by mail at
  • Our standard restaurant policy includes 100% refund upon written notice within deadlines prescribed in our terms and conditions above. All refunds are processed by end of month, for each month‘s bookings e.g. cancellations for August bookings are processed for refund closing end of August. Once the refund transaction is completed from our side you should see transaction complete in your account within 3-5 days. The refund will be made by using the same means of payment as the prepayment.
  • For change of date or time of an existing reservation, please contact directly our team by mail at All requests for change are subject to availability and valid only upon written confirmation by email to you. 
  • Our restaurant is child friendly. All children accepted and baby chairs available upon request, subject to seating arrangement. 
  • For special dietary requirements or any particular requests kindly inform your waiter upon arrival.
  • Any outsource food or drink is not permitted to be consumed in the restaurant.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the interiors of the restaurant. On the outdoor terraces, smoking is allowed only in the designated area. 
  • Our restaurant does not have a dress code. Diners often dress up for the occasion, but please feel free to dress any way you feel comfortable.
  • Prices and menus are subject to change without notice. The Restaurant reserves the right to alter any of the above terms without prior notice, cancel or change your booking, in the event of unforeseen or other circumstances outside the Restaurant’s control, including (without limitation) war, strike, earthquake, weather conditions, problems with infrastructure entailing hardship of travel to the Restaurant, illness of the Restaurant’s chef or other key staff, natural disasters, utility interruptions, safety and security concerns (including outbreak of disease or pandemic) or decisions from any authority. The Restaurant will not be liable to you or any other person for any interest on your prepayment or other costs, expenses, losses or any consequential or indirect loss of costs resulting from such cancellation or rescheduling, including costs of travel or pre-booked accommodation.

Terms And Conditions